ES File Manager removed from PlayStore

The ES File Explorer or File Manager has been a popular app for a while: I still remember that Caschy suggested the 2015 application for the Nvidia Shield Android TV. But since then a lot of time has passed. So slipped this app in the midst of a scandal: Some apps of the Chinese company DO Global acted abusive and almost automatically clicked on behalf of users advertisements to generate revenue for the company.

That’s why Google has already removed many apps from DO Global and now it has also hit the ES File Explorer. The Play Store recently listed „ES Global“ as its developer, but behind it was Du Global – a division of DO Global. Although neither Google nor DO Global have commented on the removal of the ES file explorer from the Play Store, it is quite obvious that there could be a connection to last year’s incidents.

For example, the developer account ES Global has been suspended in the Play Store as a whole. It’s also not the first time that the ES File Explorer has caused controversy: for a while, the app was distributed with the adware charging boot. Later, they also bang the free version with advertising to pull up a pro version. How it continues with the app, or whether she returns to the Play Store, is in the stars.

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