freenet FUNK Internet 99cent Flatrate

A new product will be launched at mobilcom-debitel. Listen to the name freenet FUNK and is a mobile radio solution with interesting key data. So there is actually no classic contract, instead, you can book daily. And at the same time you get 1 GB of data for 69 cents per day, if you want unlimited data, then you’re at 99 Cents. However, it should be mentioned that this is Telefonica’s o2 network. So you have no classic term and can pause every day.

If you dig a bit in the FAQ, but you also find a catch – permanent non-use does not seem to be in: You can pause for up to 14 days, of course you can still be called and receive SMS – but after 14 days for One day the current tariff started once again – you will have to use the fun at least twice a month. One does not want to have bank data either, the company allows payment via PayPal. The included Internet Flat applies to national traffic in the networks of Telefónica.

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