Coca-Cola light taste

Coca-Cola light taste has stood for the combination of refreshment and lightness for over 35 years. This spring, Coca-Cola is now presenting the cult drink in two other innovative flavors: Ginger Lime and Exotic Mango. The unmistakably light and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola light taste is complemented by fruity notes. The new packaging design in full-silver look distinguishes the Coca-Cola Light button visually clearly from the Coca-Cola Original Taste with and without sugar. The new Coca-Cola light taste varieties are available from week 12 in the 1 L reusable bottle, 0.5 L and 1.25 L PET disposable bottle and the 0.33 L can. Coca-Cola light taste wants to inspire especially couples to meet the challenges of everyday situations with humor and ease. Coca-Cola light taste follows the recipe for success Since its introduction in 1982 in the USA, Coca-Cola light taste has been writing a success story. Developed during the fitness movement of the 1980s, Coca-Cola light taste has always positioned itself as an innovative brand from Coca-Cola.

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