„Game of Thrones“ star Kit Harington thrown out because of spoiled end

Although the GOT performers are contractually bound to maintain secrecy, Kit Harington betrayed Season 8 and got serious problems.

Only a few more sleeps are needed until the final „Game of Thrones“ streak ends. At present it is speculated at full speed, who takes the place on the Iron Throne in the end. But even before the start of Season 8 was eagerly discussed, what on Jon Snow, Arya and Co. so everything.

„Game of Thrones“: Did the „Super Bowl“ – „Bud Light“ spot really tell you about the 8th season?
On the occasion of the American „Super Bowl“ „Game of Thrones“ surprised at the beginning of February with a meaningful „Bud Light“ advertising. In the spot for the beer brand it alludes to the most gruesome scene in the GOT story, but here it is Knight Bud Light who gets his skull crushed by „The Mountain“ (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson). Even Daenerys‘ favorite dragon Drogon has a guest appearance.

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