Report: Google announces partnership with Huawei, serious consequences threatening

Hard Tobak, if it comes as reported by Reuters. The news agency reports exclusively that it has learned that Google suspends Huawei’s business of hardware and software products, except those covered by open source licenses.

What could this mean, according to Reuters?

„Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. will immediately lose access to updates to the Android operating system, and the next version of its smartphones outside of China will also lose access to popular applications and services such as the Google Play Store and the Gmail app. “

Details about the individual services are discussed internally according to the source of Reuters at Google. Huawei lawyers are also investigating the impact of US Commerce Department action, a Huawei spokesman said Friday.

Huawei will continue to have access to the version of the Android operating system that is available through the open source license (quasi the AOSP) and is freely accessible to anyone who wants to use it. But according to the report, Google will stop providing Huawei with technical support and collaboration for Android and Google services in the future.

On Thursday, the Trump administration in the US officially blacklisted Huawei and immediately issued restrictions that would make it hard for the technology giant to do business with US companies.

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